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Five Great Outdoor Locations to Practice Yoga in Vancouver

   Although Vancouver is brimming with yoga studios of all varieties (a favorite:Karma Teachers Vancouver Yoga professor training in Gastown - it's free or by donation!), sometimes all you want to do is get outside and stretch those muscles under the glorious Vancouver summer sun! Here's a list of a five great spots throughout the city to do just that!

Practice Vancouver Yoga in a Cool Park: Dude Chilling Park

vancouver yoga teacher training

This eclectically-named park sits just east of Main and Broadway. Curtained by a community garden and playground for youngsters, Dude Chilling is the perfect park to give you those neighborhood feels. During the summer, from June to September, yoga classes are taught twice a day at 10 am and 6 pm, by none other than the excellent teachers at Karma Teacher's Yoga. After a practice, spread a blanket, stay, and hangout! Dude Chilling is a hip spot for a picnic, a game of frisbee, or just people-watching! On Sundays, visit the bustling Farmer's Market that sets up in the park and reward your newly-stretched body and newly-meditated mind with some yummy snacks. And don't forget: while practicing your asanas, be sure to soak in all the beautiful sounds the park has to offer; children playing, birds chirping, and plenty of dudes chilling!Pra

Practicing Yoga at Sunset Beach in Vancouver

Yoga Vancouver

Sunset Beach is the perfect place to do yoga in Vancouver and watch -you guessed it—the sunset! Located just a few minutes east along the coast from English Bay Beach, Sunset Beach is much quieter and calmer than it's neighbor. There's both sand and grass to practice on, and water to jump into when you need to cool off after your practice! You can often see many Yoggies after their Yoga Teacher Training in Vancouver basking in the sun of Sunset beach. Richard Morrison, a business man in vancouver, has practiced yoga in the summers here regularly. He adds: "After you're all meditated out, walk or bike the sea wall, heading west towards Denman Street for a snack or Stanley Park for ponds, shady trees, and gardens. I love it!" Local food trucks set up shop during the day along the seawall and offer a wide array of food options. If you're visiting Vancouver, this is a great location to meet other tourists or travelers. It's also close to many of Vancouver's best tourist spots; the Vancouver Art Gallery, Vancouver Science World, Stanley Park, and much more!  

Yoga at Queen Elizabeth Park, Vancouver

yoga at Queen Elizabeth park Vancouver

Sometimes when you do yoga outside, you want the same kind of privacy and chance for an internal experience that you would have at home. Queen Elizabeth Park is the perfect place to find this, without sacrificing any sun or cute squirrels. This massive park is located along Cambie Street at W 33rd Ave. There are tons of quiet, secluded spots to practice, including the Rose Garden, the Love Locks Statues, or near one of the park's several small ponds. Queen Elizabeth Park offers a stunning view of downtown Vancouver and the mountains beyond. To add, there's an state-of-the-art community center - Hillcrest Community Center - in the Northeast corner of the park, where you'll be able to fill up water, grab a snack, and even sit for a moment and watch ice-hockey players battle it out (or just practice) on the ice. While practicing yoga, be sure to tune into all the beautiful sights around you; weeping willow trees, scurrying squirrels, and sloping hills. Queen Elizabeth Park is truly one of the jewels of the city, and provides a beautiful place to practice yoga, meditation, and breathing.

Trout Lake Yoga

Another great park to practice yoga at is Trout Lake. With ducks swimming peacefully in the lake and an energetic dog park, Trout Lake offers a great chance to feel one with nature, right in the middle of the city! Trout Lake is located in East Vancouver, near Victoria Street and 15th Ave. A quick jaunt over to commercial drive offers eclectic shops and restaurants, and a great chance to feel Vancouver's renowned hippie energy. There are tons of shops along Commercial that offer everything a yogi's heart could desire, from spiritual books to singing bowls to incense. Trout Lake Community Center also offers a chance to fill up water, cool off, and grab a snack! There's a great running trail around the lake if you're looking for more cardio, and the community center offers a wide variety of exercise classes.

vancouver trout lake yoga


Practice for Your Yoga Teacher Training in your favorite neighborhood park!

Vancouver is sprinkled with tons of small, quaint parks, often tucked away where few people outside of the neighborhood know of them. Many have community gardens, give-and-take book libraries, playgrounds, dog area, and ponds. A quick search online will tell you where the closest park is to you, and once you spend time there -wether it be practicing as part of your 200 hour yoga teacher training vancouver, meditating, practicing pranayama or breath work - you'll make friends with the people who live nearby! In a city that can sometimes feel isolating and alone, any chance to meet your neighbors can be profound! So get out there and chat! We hope the list above offers some exciting and reliable places to practice yoga outdoors in Vancouver, either with an instructor or alone. Each site should offer something a little different. Whether it's silence or community engagement, a sunset view or a look over the pond, a spot with happy animals or simply the birds overhead, we hope this list has you covered! As you practice at Dude Chilling Park, Sunset Beach, Queen Elizabeth Park, Trout Lake, or your favorite neighborhood park, we hope that you are able to tune into the divine wisdom within you. Remember to pace yourself, bring water and sunscreen, and, if it's a hot and sunny Vancouver day, stick to the shade! Practicing yoga outdoors can be a great way to experience all the lessons and pleasure yoga has to offer. Be sure to feel the wind against your skin and the sun on your face. Listen to the birds in the sky and the sounds of people chatting around you. Notice how the grass or sand feels beneath you. Thank your body for getting you to this beautiful place, thank the earth for providing such a beautiful place, thank all of the beings around you for the energy and light they bring to the world, and, last but not least, breathe.



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