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Real Estate Partnerships

We work with our clients bringing strategic partnerships and joing ventures in real estate accross British Columbia. Closing on a number of properties and commercial ventures, we have over 40 years of experience in the market.

The property market in British Columbia has never been better. With the influx of scared money from wounded stock market, including the Shanghai stock exchange, has money from Asia and Europe hungry for real estate accross the globe. With the current saturation levels it would be difficult not to invest at the current times. We are always a fan of riding waves (timing) rather than the old adage of "location location location." It is peculiar to find out just how important timing is in real estate.

The current levels of infiltration of foreign capital coming in the BC allows a significant confidence level that this money is here to stay. The main reason is that the new money is not only scared, but its seaking for a long term permanent place for growh - which means that families are moving their money and starding businesses in Canada as well as investing in large number of luxury properties.

Our partnerships are quite imformal as we like to work with a group that is flexible enough to act quickly yet possess a strong acumen for spotting a great deal in any market.

The satisfaction we get from the synergies we have with our clients is tremendous, this goes to show as many have become our friends and roll as family along with us.

We run a REAG group as well as many other real estate seminars where you can come to meet with us. You are always welcome and dont forget to bring your friendly smile!

If you have little money down, do not worry! It is essentially why we do partnerships in the first place! See our corporate profile.



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