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The Trend - from Real Estate to Pizza

Instant hamburgers. Thirty-minute pizzas. Fix-it while you wait oil-and-lube jobs. Sell your own home by owner over the internet. Fax machines. Automated bank tellers. In our fast-paced world people have come to expect things instantaneously - it's no wonder that now social media and the Internet are taking the world by storm.

Internet advertising may be a young business but it has already been widely received by the business community. People have been using advertising for centuries in print media. Radio and television advertising is common, but no advertising has exploded as fast as Internet advertising. Millions of people are on the worldwide web and the more people come, the harder it is to find anything.

Type in at any of the search engines a category like real estate and over 5 million areas pop up. Look for bicycles and 12 million areas of information vie for your attention. Worse, when you finally zero in on it you may find the ideal bicycle, but located in Miami.

The Answer - from property buyers to local marketplace

That is why the FeatureWeb focus on the LOCAL marketplace on the Internet is becoming more and more important. The best leads for property sales come from the internet as well. It is proven now that over 90% of home buyers come from the internet. Owners that have a local automotive repair shop really don't care that people in Azerbaijan had a fender bender, but they want to be found locally! That is where FeatureWeb comes in. We create a high quality worldwide presence, but focus on getting the customer business first at home locally!

The customer base for the FeatureWeb store is very wide. It could be made exclusively of businesses and it would be successful. It could be made up entirely of individuals and would be very successful. But your FeatureWeb franchise has the opportunity to serve both business and individual needs.

The Experience

Ozzie Jurock has proven management and organizational skills and has been associated with some of the most successful businesses in Canada - both Franchise and Non-Franchise based businesses.

The Opportunity

    • The FeatureWeb opportunity is an opportunity for the new millennium.
    • First opportunity of its kind
    • First in the field
    • Low or no overhead
    • No production costs
    • No Bookkeeping
    • Leading edge area of growth
    • Fabulous future growth potential
    • Individual Territories
    • Initial and ongoing training for you and your salespeople

If you have access to $29,900 for the all-inclusive initial investment (includes all equipment) and are a "people person"...

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