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From Real Estate Solutions to Web Portals

Guided by the concept of "Business as Unusual", FeatureWeb is a full service Business Solutions Company. From consulting and business planning, from application integration and design to content development, from property financing to managing a full real estate portfolio and creating property ventures, FeatureWeb enables organizations to compete as equals in the global marketplace.

We offer success to the average individual and corporate entities. From commerical real estate ventures to database design.

FeatureWeb was founded as a web provider in 1995 and as a Franchise in 1999 by Ozzie Jurock.

FeatureWeb is an award winning web (The Vancouver Sales and Marketing Executives - Sales and Marketing of the year award) solutions company with over 550 clients.

FeatureWeb is the team that created and manages the real estate portal site of, and the Internet web directory at For more informaiton about franchise business opportunities including rentals please contact us here.

FeatureWeb is unique because it owns and maintains its own infrastructure. As its own point of presence on the web, FeatureWeb owns servers in both UNIX and NT platforms. It runs services on a Window's NT platform supported by a SQL database with e-commerce transaction software and excellent statistics tracking software. It has dedicated Fiber Optic connections. This enables it to fully control its service agreements and deliver the services promised to backend clients. Also, this enables FeatureWeb to participate in the web-hosting sector.

FeatureWeb prides itself on search engine placement expertise and in fact re-launches EVERY new hosting to the major search engines of the world.

FeatureWeb is a powerful company with explosive potential due to the nature of this being an Internet Service Company that is also a franchise. With a proven system and production team in place, new franchise owners have an opportunity to service this industry as the needs continue to skyrocket. The market opportunity for FeatureWeb is enormous.

FeatureWeb is growing through customer loyalty.

FeatureWeb is a privately owned and operated and is well versed and experienced in web design and database executions. Working with clients on their online business strategy, and then integrating the necessary technology and design to give it life, is the business model of the FeatureWeb firm.


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